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Bhavaghni School Of Mysticism

Every individual wants to be happy, satisfied and to be peaceful, everyone want our friends and relatives to be happy and peaceful, in this respect we are doing various things, we buy things which we feel will make us happy. Every moment we are trying to find ways which will make us happy, satisfied and keep us at peace however trying to find it we are still not happy, satisfied and not at peace.
We are all in a hurry, we think if we have a better job we might be happy, if we have more money we might be happy, if we have a bigger house, a bigger car or have more jewelry we think we will be happy, in the process to obtain these things we fall into sadness, anger, fear, agony, pain and sufferings. To get rid of the sadness, anger, fear, agony, pain and sufferings we try several things both physiologically and spiritually. Physiologically we read books, try meditation. Spiritually we try several things like, visiting temples, performing poojas, performing yagnas but still we are not able to live in peace and happiness. Why is that we are not able to live in peace and happiness?

Bhagavan Sri Veda Vyasa
Sanathana Dharma Kshetram

Vyasaya Vishnu Roopaya Vyasaroopaya Vishanave
Namovai Brahmanidhaye Vaasishtaya Namonamaha

Bhagavan Sri Veda Vyasa born as Krishna Dwaipayana is an incarnation of lord Vishnu. Sri Veda Vyasa knew that in kali yuga human beings will find it difficult to understand the supreme knowledge of the Vedas, hence Bhagavan Sri Veda Vyasa divided the Vedas into four parts (Rig Veda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharvanaveda) as it's known today. Bhagavan Sri Veda Vyasa established Badarikashrama in the banks of the holy river Saraswathi and taught his four disciples the four Vedas and became to be known as Badarayana.


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