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Dharma Nidhi

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“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

So which is better, to serve him fish every day or to teach him how to fish? If we feed the man everyday what happens is, the man will become dependent, the one who feeds, will cultivate an ego that he is feeding the person and so starts to feel superior, also you make the person feel inferior and dependent. However when we teach the person how to fish, he can feed himself and his family he can also teach others. He doesn’t feel inferior or dependent on someone, He is confident, will have self-respect and can live his life happily. Thus we can agree that it’s better to teach the man to fish than to feed him fish.

We human beings fall in the bondage of birth and death and unable to free ourselves from the cycle of birth and death, during all our rebirths we experience nothing but sadness and pain, we look at our fellow living beings and feel pity for them and might offer them some help in the form of food, clothes, shelter, etc. This is of course a good deed, the person who received the help is happy and the one who helped is also happy. The person will die , he will be reborn and again experience nothing by sadness and pain, did we help him to reduce this suffering, pain, agony and sadness?

In the long journey of birth and death cycle, we may have helped someone at some time which might be significant at that moment, but when compared to the vast journey of birth and death cycle, we were just able to help the person at a relatively very small time and relatively a very small favor and feel happy about it. All the help we did in the form of worldly things are only transient in nature and negligible.

When we Look around us, we see that everywhere it is filled with sufferings, agony, anger, sadness and pain, all the life forms undergo some kind of sufferings, pain and sadness all through their life, this is not what we are born for, we are given an opportunity as human beings to escape the cycle of rebirths, to free ourselves from the bondage of birth and death. However we are not able to find the knowledge, the wisdom to escape from this suffering, pain and sadness.  We are not able to find the right path that we need to walk to escape from this bondage and finally get ourselves into various other traps.  We do not understand what faith is, who god is? We do not understand what we need to do. We do not understand what meditation is, we do not understand what Moksha is and we are wasting our opportunity and fall again and again in the bondage of rebirths. So is there any way we can help ourselves and others to break the bondage of birth and death and escape the cycle of birth and rebirths?

Yes. To Help everyone to end their sufferings, pain, agony and sadness, to show them the right path to escape the bondage of rebirths, make them understand what Moksha is and prepare them to attain Moksha is the reason Bhavaghni School of Mysticism was started. We at Bhavaghni School of Mysticism do not collect fees to impart this knowledge and wisdom but in order to run the school and spread the message of Moksha and help people end their sufferings we have created “Dharma Nidhi”.

Every single Rupee in “Dharma Nidhi” is used to only to impart the knowledge and wisdom to mankind. Every single event, every satsang CD produced and every satsang is organized only to impart the knowledge and help escape the bondage of rebirths.  

All the things that we perform in the path to Moksha is done for the individual, however “Dharma Nidhi” is not only for the individual, it also helps someone, somewhere at some time to gain the knowledge to escape from the bondage of rebirths.There is no quantifiable measure to quantify the benefits of helping someone to impart them with the knowledge and wisdom which will end their sufferings, pain and sadness. There is no measure for even the smallest favor, smallest help, smallest donation, smallest work, smallest preparation, even the smallest thought to help someone to break the bondage of rebirths.

We The members of Bhavaghni School of Mysticism  have made “Dharma Nidhi “ a part of our  Yagna, dhana, tapas karmas, we help everyone without expecting anything in return, without looking for popularity, it’s a part of our dhana karma which is above all other dhanam that we can perform. There is no compulsion; there is no commitment with anyone except Paramatma. In the pure thought to reach Paramatma and to attain Moksha at the same time to help others to walk the same path of happiness is the reason for “Dharma Nidhi”. It’s part of ego-transcending spiritual practice.

If you would like to participate and help to impart the knowledge and wisdom, you can also participate in “Dharma Nidhi”. Start saving everyday whatever small money you can afford, with the pure thought that your contribution is going to be used to impart the pure, ancient spiritual knowledge.  On your birthday or anniversary or any special occasion send it to the nearest organization which teaches the pure ancient spiritual knowledge with the intention to lead to the path of Moksha.

If you are unable to find any organization nearby and believe that we can help spread the knowledge and lead others to the path of Moksha, please send in your “Dharma Nidhi” to us. Our aim is not to collect donations. We kindly request you to understand the purpose and the importance of “Dharma Nidhi” before you send your contributions to us.

By Cash

You can drop cash in the “Dharma Nidhi” which will be placed at each Satsang location. You can buy “Dharma Nidhi” box and drop your offerings and bring it all at once when you reach our premise. The “Dharma Nidhi” boxes are also available in the kendrams. Please refer Contact us page for more information

By Cheque/Demand Draft/Money Order

Cheque/Demand Draft in favour of “Bhavaghni School of Mysticism”


Bhavaghni Aaramam,

Amaravati Mandal,
Guntur District
AP - 522020

yajna da:na thapah karma na thya:jyam ka:ryam e:va thath

yajno: da:nam thapas chaiva pa:vana:ni mani:shina:m

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita - Chapter 18 Sloka

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