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AIM In Life
“What is my Aim in life?”

Aim as a noun is defined as “A purpose or intention; a desired outcome”.

Different people have different aims in life. Some aim at wealth. Their main aim in life is to amass huge wealth. In their pursuit for wealth they even do not mind losing their health. Some aim at getting power. They want to be intoxicated with power. They derive great pleasure when they command and their subordinates bow themselves before their dictatorial attitude.

Intellectuals aim at achieving excellence in art, science or similar field. They want to have store of knowledge and achieve great heights of fame and glory. They feel elevated when they get scholarships or prizes, national and international. An artist wants to make a masterpiece. His aim in life is to make a work of art that should be immortal in the world of art. A statesman aims at carrying through great schemes for his country’s advance­ment; a devout man has before him a high ideal of goodness and is not satisfied till he attains it.

When an individual attains the desired outcome of his hard work he enjoys the goodness of result, he is happy until he is faced with next challenge, so he sets himself another aim. So an individual has not one aim in life but multiple aims to make him satisfied and happy. Thus he is not happy and peaceful with one aim. This leaves us with an intriguing question, “What is the ultimate Aim in life?”

The answer to the question is simply making being peaceful as our ultimate aim in life.

Now  being peaceful is not just enough, this is not help, when others around us are not peaceful, so we should wish other also to be peaceful, the beauty of wishing others to be peaceful will result us in being peaceful.

When we wish others to be peaceful we should also cooperate for them to be peaceful, and we should never be disturbing others Peace.

When we are peaceful then in essence of peace and we realize that God is the embodiment of peace and we should never lose our peace and distance ourselves from God

So Let us make Peace as our Aim in Life.

To be Peaceful

Wishing all to be peaceful

Co-operating with all for their Peace

Not disturbing the Peace of others


God is the embodiment of peace

If peace is lost, I will be away from God

So I should be peaceful
this is my aim in life.

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